Tuition Fees & Other Costs

Tuition Fees & Other Costs

2014-2015 Full-Time Post-Secondary Tuition Fees and Mandatory Fees

When using information on this page please add both the Tuition and Compulsory Ancillary Fees to calculate your total term fees.

Tuition and Mandatory Ancillary Fees will be billed to student accounts each term. Please refer to the information provided on this page for details regarding tuition and compulsory ancillary fees for the 2014-15 academic year or refer to the Program Fee Summary. 

Program Tuition & Mandatory Fee Chart (PDF)

International Students Tuition Fees:

For details regarding international student tuition fees, please click here.

Only students who have paid term fees, submitted documentation from an external funding agency or have a completed OSAP (Ontario student Assistance Program) assessment will be allowed to register for classes. 

For a complete listing of payment options visit

Online Fee Estimate

Our Online Fee Estimate will provide you with an estimate of your student fees for the next academic term before you even register for your courses.

Here's how to access your Fee Estimate through your Banner Account: 

1)       Log into MyCampus at  

2)       Enter your Username and Password* - first letter of first name CAPITALIZED, first letter of last name lower case followed by student number

If you are a new student, your Username and student number are located on your 'Offer of Admission' letter , your 'Acknowledgement' letter or at the top of the Fee Estimate email you received.

Example: Student name John Doe, student number 100123456. His password would be “Jd100123456”

*Returning students: Your password should remain unchanged from the last time you logged in. 

3)    If this is the first time logging into the MyCampus portal, you’ll be asked to enter in four password security questions/answers.  You must complete this step before you can continue. Security question passwords are case-sensitive and must be a minimum of 6 characters in length.

4)       Select “Banner SSB Information System” (icon of a black laptop) under the ‘LaunchPad’ section.

5)       Then select “Student Services”, “Student Records “and then “Academic Fee Estimate”.


Term Tuition Fees

Standard Program Tuition (exceptions to standard tuition noted below)
  First Term              Second Term         
Year 1            $1,329 $1,329
Year 2 $1,329 $1,329
Year 3 $1,329 $1,329


Mandatory Ancillary Fees

College Service Fee

The College Services fee supports services such as on-campus health and medical services, life insurance coverage, Information Technology, campus recreation and fitness activities, tutorial services and graduation and award ceremonies.

Thunder Bay Campus                     $402 ($201 per term)
Regional Campus                            $392 ($196 per term)
Distance Education                          $246 ($123 per term)

Student Activity Fee

The Student Activity fee is administered by the Student Union (SUCCI) to provide programs and services to the student body. All full time post-secondary students are required to pay the Student Activity fee.  

 Some of the programs and services provided with by this fee include advocacy & representation, Student Leadership opportunities, orientation events and activities, student lounges in all buildings, big screen televisions in all buildings, fax services, varsity athletics, student food bank, campus publications, class/club funding and banking service, bursaries and awards, campus recreation, special events & programming, wellness & diversity programming, It’s About Respect and membership in the College Student Alliance.

Thunder Bay and Region                  $204 ($102per term)
Distance Education                            $ 30 ($15 per term)

Health Plan

All full time post-secondary students at Confederation College receive a Student Health Plan. Students now have the option to choose the plan that works best for you at no additional cost! For more information please visit SUCCI Health Plan. This fee is billed annually to student accounts. Students also have the option to opt-out of the Student Health Plan. Visit SUCCI Health Plan for opt-out requirements and deadline dates.

Fall Start                                               $215 (paid once per year)
Winter Start                                          $172 (paid once per year)

Universal Bus Pass Fee

All full-time postsecondary students at the Thunder Bay campus now receive a U-PASS (Universal Bus Pass) integrated into their Student Card. If you are a student who resides outside of the service area of Thunder Bay Transit while attending school, you may request to opt-out of the U-Pass and receive a refund. For more information please visit SUCCI U-Pass. This fee is billed annually to student accounts.

Fall Start                                              $90 (paid once per year)
Winter Start                                         $61 (paid once per year)

Other Fees 

Late Fee                                                                                   $50
Tuition Deferral Fee                                                               $50
Program Transfer Fee                                                           $30
Appeal Fee                                                                              $25
Transfer Credit Fee (1 credit)                                               $25
Transfer Credit Fee (2 or more credits)                             $50
Co-op Fee (applicable to some programs)                      $475
Health Record Fee (applicable to some programs)       $40 

Exceptions to Standard Program Tuition

                                                                         Fall Term         Winter Term        Summer Term

Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance               
        Year 1                                                       $1,729               $2,075
        Year 2                                                       $1,790               $2,014

Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technician              
        Year 1                                                       $1,902               $1,902
        Year 2                                                       $1,902               $1,902
        Year 3                                                       $1,902               $1,902

Aviation Flight Management
        Year 1                                                       $1,860                $1,860                $1,860
        Year 2                                                       $1,860                $1,860

Concurrent Disorders
        (Semester 1&2)                                      $664                   $664

Dental Assistant (Levels 1&2)
        Year 1                                                       $1,384                 $1,384                $554

Dental Hygiene
        Year 1                                                       $3,974                 $3,974
        Year 2                                                       $3,974                 $3,974
        Year 3                                                       $3,974                 $3,974

Film Production
        Year 1                                                       $1,832                 $1,832
        Year 2                                                       $1,832                 $1,832

Medical Laboratory Assistant
        Year 1                                                       $1,419                 $1,513

Medical Radiation Technology              
        Year 1                                                       $2,793                $2,793
        Year 2                                                       $1,783                 $1,902              $1,901
        Year 3                                                       $1,842

Interactive Media Development                         
        Year 1                                                       $2,360                  $2,360
        Year 2                                                       $2,360                  $2,360
        Year 3                                                       $2,360                  $2,360

Practical Nursing
        Year 1                                                       $1,582                  $1,582
        Year 2                                                       $1,582                  $1,898

Pre-Service Firefighter Education & Training
        Year 1                                                       $5,005                  $5,005            $2,002

Welding Techniques
        Year 1                                                       $1,212                 $1,536      

Program Specific fees

Some programs have additional program specific fees that may be charged for things such as lab fees, tools, materials, uniforms, etc. Please refer to your program webpage in June for details. 

Program Overload
  • Students electing to take a program course load beyond 105% of their current full-time post-secondary program, will be required to pay for the additional hours of study at the approved part-time tuition rate plus any related miscellaneous costs.
  • Students considering taking courses above the normal 100% load should discuss the implications of this decision with their Program Coordinator.
  • Students must register in these extra courses prior to November 1st for the Fall semester, March 1st for the Winter semester and June 30th for the Spring/Summer semester. 

Part-Time Tuition Fee  (per contract hour)          $6.05
Part-Time Service Fee (per contract hour)          $0.70

Payment Deadlines

If your payment is not received by the deadline which is stated in the Academic Calendar of Events, your Offer of Admission may be rescinded and given to a student on the wait list. You will also be required to pay a non-refundable late fee of $50 provided there are places still available in your program. We reserve the right to refuse payments made after the deadline if the program has filled. If you need information on how to pay your tuition and fees, please see Payment Method

TUITION FEES for Part-time Courses 

Course fees for part-time courses delivered by the Continuing Education Department are calculated on an hourly basis. Course fees are listed in "The Key", Thunder Bay’s Guide to Community Programs and Services. For more details on part-time programming options, please visit Continuing Education.  

Students with Permanent disabilities

New and returning students with disabilities who require the accommodation of a reduced course load may be eligible to have tuition fees reduced once they have paid the equivalent to full time fees for the program. For more information on eligibility please visit Reduced Tuition Policy for Students with permanent disabilities  

Program Withdrawal

In accordance with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, students must submit a withdrawal form to officially withdraw from the College. You are NOT officially withdrawn if you simply do not show up for classes or if you verbally notify your Instructor, Registration Services, Counselors or any College staff.  

Before you decide to withdraw from your full time program please discuss your options with your Program Coordinator or a College Counselor located in Student Services. They will provide you with academic advisement and assist you in finding the best solution for your future. 

Academic Penalty for Full-Time Student

If you officially withdraw from the College after the “last day to withdraw without academic penalty” as listed in the Calendar of Events, an “F” grade will be recorded on your transcript. Receiving an "F" grade may permanently affect your GPA. 

Refund for Full time student

If you officially withdraw in writing within the first 10 days of the start of the semester, as posted in the Calendar of Events, you may be eligible for a refund.

Refund Schedule:

  • Fees paid for that term, less $100.00 administrative fee
  • Fees paid in advance for subsequent terms

If you officially withdraw in writing after 10 days of the start of the semester,  you will be refunded the fees paid in advance for subsequent terms only.

If you are receiving OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) funding and you are withdrawing from a full time program, it is important that you visit the Financial Aid website for full details on your obligations.

If you owe an outstanding debt to Confederation College, the College reserves the right to retain the amount owing.

If you are receiving financial assistance through OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) or other 3rd party funding agencies, applicable refunds may be forwarded directly to OSAP or the funding agency.

Note: In accordance with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, students must submit a withdrawal form to officially withdraw from the College. You are NOT officially withdrawn if you simply do not show up for classes or if you verbally notify your Instructor, Registration Services, Counselors or any College staff.  

For further information, please review the formal Withdrawal Procedure Policy.


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