Domestic Student Health & Dental Plan

All full-time domestic post-secondary students at Confederation College are enrolled in the Student Health & Dental Plan and are covered from September 1 – August 31. The plan, administered by SUCCI, provides affordable health insurance designed especially for students on fixed incomes. Visit for more information about your plan and available coverage.

Visit for more information about the different plans and coverage - it is a very helpful site and can answer any questions that you my have! You can chat live with an operator if you want to ask if a specific question, for example: Is your specific prescription covered? Download claim forms, track your claim and more!

To find out more about your benefits & coverage CLICK HERE

For more information about your Health Plan Options (Opt-Out, Flex Your Plan or Opt In) CLICK HERE.

COVERAGE BEGINS September 1st and ENDS August 31st EACH Academic Year!
NOTE: For students starting as a NEW student in January, your coverage beings January 1st

To use the plan, students will need the following information: 

Policy # 97200
Group # 513973
Provider: ClaimSecure
Student ID: M_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (last 9 digits of your Student Card)

General Questions?: 1-800-315-1108
Dental Office Questions?: 1-888-513-4464