Staff News - Communique

(May 11, 2010) -

Continuing Education’s eLearning department is offering  Confederation College employees a discount flat rate of $175 for ANY eLearning Course. Please see this link ( for a list of courses that you may be interested in. This would be a great use of your $250 Staff PD dollars.

(May 10, 2010, Thunder Bay) -

One-on-one, personalized training is available for those wishing to be able to edit their program or department content on the new college website. It is fun and easy-to-do. 

 For Program Coordinators, this is the fastest and easiest way to update your "Academic Program Calendar" content!

(May 7, 2010) -

We recognize that the “news” you consume on a daily basis, often is coming to you from many diverse sources. In keeping with this social-media trend, we have initiated recent permissions enhancements to this news page, enabling every staff member to be able to easily originate a “news item,” right from the convenience of this Staff News page ...

(May 4, 2010, Thunder Bay) -

 Please join us in  Rumours Dining Room on Wednesday, May 12 from  2:30-4:30pm to celebrate Linda’s  years of dedication to the College.

(May 4, 2010) -


Recently the College Planning Committee approved an Employee Spending Account for Professional Development.  This innovative approach to PD entitles every full time employee with $250.00 each fiscal year (to a maximum of $1,000) to use for the PD of their choice. 

(Apr 30, 2010) -

Tips & Tricks:  You can really help save space on the College's Email Server by using the following Tips & Tricks.

Housecleaning your E-mail Box
   (in 10 minutes or less):


(Apr 30, 2010) -

Please join the Staff of the Student Success Department as we wish Pat Lazor all the very best in her retirement and celebrate the wonderful contributions she has made towards the success of so many students and staff at Confederation College. 

Drop by Rumours Dining room on May 5th from 3:00 and 4:30 p.m.