Staff News - Communique

(May 2, 2011, Thunder Bay) -

Elizabeth Bishop has decided to leave her teaching role at Confederation College to pursue her career and personal aspirations in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

We are going to miss Elizabeth because she has been a key member of our faculty group in Negahneewin College of Academic and Community Development over the past five years.

(Apr 29, 2011) -

Join Jim Lees for what promises to be a very engaging presentation on Classroom Management.  While titled “101,” it’s sure to benefit both existing and new faculty members.  This is the first in a series of sessions that Jim will be delivering in May and June. 

(Apr 26, 2011, Thunder Bay) -

In celebration of the Royal Wedding of Katherine and William, 'Prince' Pat Lang, 'Princess' Jim Lees, and the Student Success staff, donning tiaras and crowns, gathered around the media centre to take part in the historical global event of the British marriage. 

(Apr 25, 2011, Thunder Bay) -

Rooms are now being cleared on the first floor of the north end of the Shuniah building.  On May 2nd, this area will be an official construction zone and access will be restricted.

(Apr 24, 2011, Thunder Bay) -


Medical Laboratory Professionals

You may not see us but we are here working hard in the lab.  We provide your doctor with the vital data, necessary to make clinical decisions about your health.  So don't worry, even if you can't see us, we are here working hard for you.


(Apr 20, 2011) -

Confederation College is the first Canadian institution to join forces with the social media company Inigral Inc. and launch School App, a Facebook Platform tool that, through student engagement, increases a postsecondary institution's yield of accepted students and the retention of existing students.

(Apr 20, 2011) -

On Saturday April 16th, Confederation College hosted the 2nd Annual Skills Canada Qualifying Competitions here at the Thunder Bay campus.  44 high school students from Thunder Bay and from the region competed in six different areas - 2d character animation, carpentry, culinary, precision machining, small power equipment, tv/video production and welding.