Staff News - Communique

(Dec 18, 2009) -

The 26th Annual Motive Power Apprentice Awards, were held in Rumours Dining Room at Confederation College, December 11, 2009.

Each year Confederation College, in conjunction with various sponsors, honours the Motive Power Apprentices who achieve the highest marks in their class for the year.

(Dec 14, 2009, Thunder Bay) -

Participants of the Aboriginal-Canadian Relations pilot program were recognized for their achievements at a ceremony this morning.

(Dec 2, 2009, Thunder Bay) -

“A very gracious THANK YOU goes out to the generous staff of Confederation College who signed up and now GIVE to the United Way/Foundation/SUCCI payroll deduction campaign.  Over $30,000.00 has been raised for the many deserving programs and agencies of Confederation College and the United Way.

(Nov 20, 2009) -

Welcome message/info/perspective/overview to Staff from Academica Group, coming from Phil Bliss ... 

(Nov 13, 2009, Thunder Bay) -

Recently confirmed on msnbc news … President Obama’s tech-savvy administration is using “Drupal” … the same “open-source, software platform” that Confederation College chose for its new website.

(Aug 14, 2009, Thunder Bay) -

I am pleased to advise that Andy Hay has kindly agreed to assume the duties of Chief Flight Instructor at ACE.