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Welding Apprenticeship


Important Information About All Apprenticeship Training Programs …

The welding field has many aspects to it that must be learned and used every day for the welding apprentice.  A Welder is a tradesperson who can apply these aspects effectively and safely.  These skills range from technical knowledge and skill in welding, cutting and allied processes that allow a welder the ability to tack, weld, assemble, fabricate, maintain, and repair many different components that are required for structural standards.

A Welding Apprenticeship is generally trained areas such as:

  • The use and maintenance of tools, material handling equipment and welding equipment.
  • How to prepare a worksite.
  • The ability to perform lay outs, cuts and formation of metals to specific standards.
  • The use of a variety of welding methods including, SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SAW, and PAW.
  • The ability to carry out special processes such as welding studs and brazing.
  • The ability to maintain controls to ensure quality of work before, during, and after welding.