A Healthy Start to Your Academic Career!

Need a little extra help before entering a post-secondary health program? Don’t have all the necessary pre-requisites? Or are you a returning student who wants to “ease into” college with refresher courses?

Confederation College’s Pre-Health Sciences - Pathways to Certificates and Diplomas program can help (formerly called Pre-Health Sciences (College) program. The program is divided into two streams, the college stream and the university stream, depending on what direction you plan to take.

The  Pathways to Certificates and Diplomas stream of the program (formerly called “College Stream”) is for students who want to go on to college health programs including Practical Nursing, Paramedic, and Dental Hygiene. Topics covered include pre-health math (college preparation), health care in Canada, chemistry, introductory biology and communications for health professionals.

The other Pathways to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees stream of the program (formerly called “University Stream”) is designed to upgrade your skills and knowledge for a variety of university health programs including the Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Medical Radiation Technology. Topics covered include pre-health math (university preparation), health care in Canada, advanced chemistry, human biology and communications for health professionals.

It’s the perfect way to start your health career!


  • Upgrade your skills and learning to prepare you for a career in health care
  • Get specialized training depending on whether you plan to go to college or university
  • Get a head start on your future programs with a solid understanding of health care and related topics

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