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Modern medicine depends on all kinds of lab tests. Blood tests, throat swabs, heart monitoring, biopsies – doctors use these and other test results to help diagnose and treat patients. But tests are only as good as the people doing them. Do you have the attention to detail and caring personality it takes to be a key member of the team?

Confederation College’s Medical Laboratory Assistant program provides you with the education and hands-on experience you need to succeed in a lab career. You will collect blood samples for laboratory analysis and assist professionals in the lab. You’ll also learn how to work with patients to conduct laboratory tests and procedures including positioning Holter Monitors and performing ECGs. The emphasis is on building practical skills backed up with in-class learning in topics such as professional practice, microbiology and sociology to give you a good overview of the field.


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Thanks to the Medical Laboratory Assistant program at Confederation College, I am...

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Meagen Lepage

The Medical Laboratory Assis...

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Dawn Happonen

Medical Laboratory Technician III

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the Medical Laboratory program go on to a wide variety of lab positions including Lab Technician, Phlebotomist (taking blood samples), and Clinical Assistant. Opportunities are available in different clinical settings including hospitals, clinics, research labs, private and public testing labs and commercial diagnostic supply companies. The Confederation College program gives you a broad base of skills to improve your employability on the job market.

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