Program Codes: Fall/September (0289 ) & Winter/January start (0298)

The World is Your Oyster.

Thinking globally is often key to doing business in the 21st century. Companies from large corporations to sole proprietor entrepreneurs can sell to customers from around the world, not to mention source materials and even labour.

Are you ready to take the skills and knowledge you already have and learn how to conduct business in the global marketplace?

Confederation College’s International Business Management one-year graduate certificate program allows individuals who already have a college diploma or university degree to extend their education and learn the finer points of international business. This program is not for beginners! The hands-on, intensive program covers the international aspects of core business areas such marketing, human resources, supply chain management, finance, and business planning.


  • Expand your understanding of the global business environment

  • Learn how to perform a variety of business functions across national borders

  • Develop cross-cultural interpersonal, communication, and managerial skills

  • Gain the knowledge, tools, and self-perception to become a responsible professional and integrate sustainability, responsibility, and ethics into business operations and decision-making

I found the program extremely enriching for my work life. Very important co...

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Animesh Tiwari


This program expanded my knowledge and understanding of business practices around...

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Lukas McArdle

Student 2018/19

Employment Opportunities

This one-year graduate certificate program will prepare you for opportunities in a broad range of private and public international business environments including private organizations, government departments and agencies, regulatory bodies, professional organizations, and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Combined with your previous education and experience, you may work in various areas of international business such as sales, marketing, supply chain management, logistics, and trade development. If you are an entrepreneur and thinking about starting your own international business, this program will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to strike out on your own.

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