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You know that a college education will help you reach your career goals. But what you’re not quite sure of yet is what that career might be…

Confederation College’s General Arts and Science two-year diploma program provides you with a good understanding of a variety of topics. Similar to the one-year General Arts and Science certificate program, this program is a great way to earn credits and decide on a career path later. Learn the basics in humanities, social sciences, the arts, civics, and technology and business. You’ll gain skills – and credits – that are transferable within the college and university systems. 

However, this program is different from the one-year program. It gives you more opportunity to pursue electives and specialize in a variety of areas right from the first semester. You’ll also take more advanced courses and be more prepared for the workplace and/or future college and university programs.


  • Get a taste of many different courses to help you decide what interests you most
  • Build your skills and earn credits towards future programs 
  • Opportunity to transfer some credits from other programs

I graduated in 2007 from both the General Arts & Science program and Paramedi...

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