Get Ready to Be a Student Again!

Does the idea of going to college sound scary to you? Not everyone knows what to take in college. Many also feel overwhelmed at the idea of going back after a long time away. If that sounds like you, Confederation College offers you a way to “ease into” college life.

Confederation College’s College Access program is designed specifically to give students an easy way to start college, whether you’re trying to decide what programs interest you most or coming back after years away. This program covers a wide area of topics to provide you with a taste of everything while helping you develop the skills you need to succeed at college. You’ll take a wide range of courses including communications, math, research, media awareness, critical thinking, computers (including Microsoft Office) and personal management.

You also get the full support of our professors and staff who are ready to help at every step. We want to see you succeed at college so you can take the next step to a great job!


  • A great option for recent high school graduates or mature and returning students who want to ease into college life
  • Develop skills to help you succeed later in college – and your future job
  • Build confidence as you learn

My experience with the College Access Program (CAP) was very positive and provided...

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Raymond Moonias

The College Access program is a good learning experience, especially for those who...

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Jeanette C

Employment Opportunities

College Access is a pathway to postsecondary education. As a graduate you will have obtained the skills base needed to pursue your career aspirations and to succeed in other postsecondary programs.

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