Get a Well-Rounded Business Education

Have a head for business and just need the tools to make your dream happen?

Confederation College’s Business program is a two-year Ontario College Diploma program for students who want a comprehensive education in all areas of business. You’ll learn the basics of finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, human resources, and organizational behaviour to give you a broad understanding of these key areas. This program will help you prepare for a wide range of job opportunities in business, giving you a solid foundation to build your career.

Most importantly, the Business program gives you options. This program has a common first year with the Accounting, Human Resources, and Marketing programs, allowing you to transfer to one of these programs after the first year if you choose.


  • Touches upon all areas of business to help you find what interests you most
  • Gives you a well-rounded business education to prepare you for a wide variety of business careers
  • Allows you to transfer to Accounting, Human Resources, or Marketing after your first year
  • Receive your Business Fundamentals Certificate after your first year

The Business program is ideal for students who want to get a start in business, get exposure to different specializations, and have the opportunity to change pathways along the way.

Employment Opportunities

Completion of the Business program may help you build a career in many different areas including retail sales, wholesale/commercial sales, general administration, business management, retail trade, and customer service, and give you a competitive advantage over those who do not have a formal business education. You could work in a wide variety of industries including retail, B2B, resource sector (mining, forestry, transportation, energy, etc.), government, banking, and non-profit. This program will also give you a solid basis to help you launch your own business or entrepreneurial venture.

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