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Negahneewin Student Services

At Confederation, we know transitioning to College can sometimes be tough, especially if you’re moving from a rural or remote community.  Don’t worry, because Negahneewin Student Services can help.  

Whether you have questions, concerns, or you just need to talk, our approachable Indigenous Student Navigators are here for you.  We can assist with finding accommodations and your funding sponsors, academic advising, career and personal counselling.  We want you to enjoy your College experience.

We plan a wide variety of culturally-appropriate events and programs that create a welcoming and engaging environment for our Indigenous students.  Drop by APIWIN for more information.

APIWIN (“A place to sit”)

Centrally located in the Shuniah Building, the APIWIN lounge is a quiet, safe learning space where students can gather to rest, study and complete coursework.  Stop in any time and grab a coffee, eat your lunch, meet with a study group, or access laptops and work stations. 

Apiwin Lounge

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