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International Admission Requirements

Confederation College uses information such as credentials, courses and grades to determine an applicant’s eligibility for admission. Please refer to the “Admission Requirements” section of individual program pages or the international student program chart for program-specific requirements. 

Confederation College reserves the right to change admission requirements at any time. 

Age Requirement 

To qualify for admission into Confederation College programs, applicants must turn 18 within their first semester of study. 

Backlog/Failure Allowances 

Confederation College allows for up to 6 backlogs/failures on a high school, college or university transcript for entry into our programs. 

English Proficiency Requirement 

Please visit the English Proficiency Requirements section of our website for information about the minimum English proficiency requirements for entry into our post-secondary programs. 

Minimum Pass Marks 

There is a minimum passing average required for entry into our post-secondary programs. This mark depends on your country of study. For more information, please visit the Contact Us page to connect with a Confederation College representative or the International Education office. 

Academic Gaps 

An academic gap larger than five years affect your eligibility for our programs, but is dependent upon your country of citizenship. For more information, please visit the Contact Us page to connect with a Confederation College representative or the International Education office.