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Management Studies (part-time studies/online)


Enhance your managerial skills and job opportunities by achieving your Certified in Management (C.I.M) designation.  This professional designation is awarded by the Canadian Institute of Management and is recognized by Canadian recruiters and employers nationally. Get started on developing your management skills and earning the nationally recognized C.I.M. designation.

After successfully completing the required online learning courses within this program you will receive a Recognition of Achievement in Management Studies from Confederation College. The C.I.M. designation is awarded by the Canadian Institute of Management, a professional association, certification body and academic institute for managers and leaders

To be awarded your C.I.M. you must complete the required courses, prove you have completed at least 24 months of  professional-level management experience and submit a C.I.M. application with two reference letters and a current résumé.  Note that your application for the C.I.M. designation must be submitted within six years of completing the required courses.

Once you transfer your credits, you will also receive a Certificate in Management and Administration (CIMA) from the Canadian Institute of Management stating that you have completed the CIM Chartered Management Program (CMP).

The CMP will allow you to obtain the Chartered Manager (C.Mgr.) designation if you continue and complete any undergraduate degree and complete an additional 24 months of professional-level management experience.

To learn more about the C.I.M. designationsend an mail to the Canadian Institute of Management, or call them at: 1 (705) 725-8926.

You will need to complete an Application for Education Credit for every course you wish to use towards the CIMA/CMP program or C.I.M. designation. The Education Credit Transfer fee is $50 plus tax per course. The credit transfer fee may be waived if you are a CIM member when registering for the course. To learn how to become a CIM member, please contact CIM directly by email, or call 1 (705) 725-8926.

You must complete all courses within 5 years of acceptance into the program, however you will have the flexibility to set own schedule and may be able to complete the program sooner. Textbooks may be required for the courses in this program please visit the Textbook/Materials - Online Learning (CE) page for more information and to access the booklist


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