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Alumni Services provides benefits to our Alumni, organizes special events and assists at Convocation.

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Confederation College Alumni Newsletter Fall 2016


For many healthcare providers at St. Joseph’s Care Group’s Hogarth Riverview Manor (HRM), Confederation College was the springboard to their healthcare career.

But it’s not a job that should be taken lightly, said Shane Hintikka, a Personal Support Worker (PSW) there. “You need to come into the PSW program for the right reasons, and that’s to provide compassion, empathy, and genuine concern for the residents,” he said.

Shane was in the mining industry for years after graduating high school. When the mine closed down, he decided to go into the healthcare field. Confederation College helped him transition to his new career.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I picture myself at 43 going back to school,” Shane said. “I’ve always had a passion for helping senior citizens, so I wanted the opportunity to let them know they’re still valued.” He said he would probably take a specialty geriatric course, if it became available.

Meaghan Carroll also came to healthcare later in her life. She was managing in retail when a friend encouraged her to switch careers and take the Food Services Worker course at Confederation College. She worked while she went to the College so that she got hands-on learning at the same time as her classroom learning.

Now, four years later, Meaghan said she would highly recommend the program. She loves working at HRM thanks to the great atmosphere, and finds working with the elderly rewarding. “They make my day, that’s for sure,” Meaghan said. “I should have done this 25 years ago.”

Nikita Cava, a Therapeutic Recreationist, chose SJCG for the same reasons. “I did my internship at the LPH, and the culture here was very welcoming,” she said.

Nikita has a psychology degree, but couldn’t find a job in her field. She enrolled in the Recreational Therapy program and started working at HRM almost immediately after graduation.

“That just shows you how quickly I could find a job after graduating from Confederation College,” Nikita said. She said it has also opened the doors to future learning opportunities. Robin Harvey is another interested in expanding her skills. She was drawn to the PSW program because she wanted to help the older people in our community. Robin has a hand disability, but found it no problem to adapt to the needs of the job.

“Coming from a family of medical professionals, I knew that the medical field was something I had a passion for. I had a calling, if you want to call it that, to work with the older people in our community,” Robin said.

Since graduating 10 years ago, she has worked in many different settings before moving to HRM. Robin credits Confederation College with preparing her for her career. “I had an excellent instructor - it wouldn’t have been as good if I’d gone somewhere else.”

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Our Alumni Program is designed to make our graduates always feel connected and welcome at Confederation College, even after their student days are over. Events are one way. Events are in the works and you can read about them in future editions of this new quarterly newsletter.

photo of alumni pinAnother way is by wearing an Alumni Pin. During the past year, we’ve been giving them to alumni at the President’s Breakfast, company coffee break events, and other alumni gatherings. The card attached says it all - we hope you wear this pin with pride and stay connected to Confederation College.

That sums up what “alumni” means to me: the pride and the awareness of belonging to something bigger. The Alumni Pin is a nice reminder of that. If you haven’t gotten yours already, contact me and I’ll update your information and send you out your own personal Alumni Pin.

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