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Confederation Alumni Are Helping Children and Families to Thrive

Over 40 per cent of the staff at Dilico Anishinabek Family Care share at least one thing in common - they’re all graduates of Confederation College. Why so many? Executive Director Darcia Borg and Manager of Human Resources Ann Czepky point to a connection to Indigenous cultures.

“Confederation graduates come with a cultural competency that’s so important in working with our people,” said Czepky. “The College really values that piece.” Borg added her appreciation for Confederation’s commitment to providing access to post-secondary education for Indigenous populations and for incorporating information about Indigenous history and culture into the curriculum.

“Seeing students coming from northwestern Ontario is huge for an Indigenous organization such as ourselves,” she said. “We do promote the recruitment and retention of Anishinabek people, but also look for individuals who share our values. Confederation College has always had that Aboriginal component and support for students, which means we can count on a level of understanding about our culture.”

It’s more than that piece alone that makes Confederation alumni stand out. Borg and Czepky also highlighted the hands-on experience graduates of the College come with, their tendency to think outside of the box, and the higher level of performance and productivity Dilico can expect of them.

“They are able to think critically and problem solve, work well within a team environment, be creative and innovative, and demonstrate a strong sense of ethics and integrity,” said Czepky. “They are leaders and become role models for the people we work with.”

Dilico hires graduates from a variety of programs including Native Child and Family Services, Child and Youth Worker, Social Service Worker, Practical Nursing, Aboriginal Community Advocacy, Personal Support Worker, Developmental Service Worker, Computer Programming and Business.

One dedicated employee is Rhonda Braun, a Kinship Service Worker for Dilico and a 2002 graduate of Confederation’s Social Service Worker program. Braun works directly with families, performing home assessments and collaborating with Case Managers to help children in need of support. As much as possible, Dilico believes in finding family before foster parents and that is a key reason why she loves where she works.

Rhonda Braun Kinship Service Worker, Dilico Social Service Worker graduate (2002)“I like working here because keeping children with family is at the heart of what our agency does,” said Braun. “We know that it’s what’s best for children and we do what we can to keep them out of foster care. Meeting so many great people and having respect for the people that you work for, and the difficult jobs we all have, it’s great to be a part of that.”

Prior to joining the Dilico team, Braun also worked for Our Kids Count and Namaygoosisagagun First Nation in their respective Healthy Babies, Healthy Children programs. Throughout all of her work, Braun credits Confederation College with helping her to succeed. A specific example is how the College supported her when she had a baby before graduation. Confederation adapted her placement experience so she could take her baby with her and be able to finish the program. Overall, Braun appreciated the opportunity to try out different areas and skills through placements and practice.

“The placement experience was very helpful,” she said. “With the Social Service Worker program you can do so many different things. You were able to find out what you really liked, or didn’t, through the placements. There was a lot of theory, which taught me many important things, like about residential schools, and there were a lot of practical skills we learned too, like when we would practice counselling each other. My time in the program was very valuable in preparing me to work in this field.”

Dilico understands the value of a placement experience and Borg explained that they partner with Confederation to offer placements across multiple programs. She can’t wait to meet the future students and alumni who will join the Dilico team.

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