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Alumni Services provides benefits to our Alumni, organizes special events and assists at Convocation.

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Alumni Services

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Success at Tbaytel for These Three Alumni Traced Directly Back to Confederation College

For three alumni at Tbaytel, Confederation College offered something they couldn’t find elsewhere: hands-on learning.

“The experience I gained while working in several group projects was invaluable,” said Agnes Notarbartolo, Manager of Advertising at Tbaytel. “In my present position I work with other internal departments and team members all the time. The College program gives students the experience and confidence to work and contribute in a group environment, asking questions and leading teams. It’s a skill I use every day.” Agnes also liked the fact that the first semester of the business program covered all areas of business. “I wasn’t sure at first which area of business I wanted to major in, so I was able to try everything to find out what my passion was. That turned out to be marketing.” 

Tbaytel employees celebrate Confederation College's 50th Anniversary“What I liked about the College is that they had a placement program in addition to the class work,” said Warren Trochimchuk, a Product Marketing Specialist at Tbaytel. Warren took advantage of the College’s articulation agreement with Lakehead University to complete his degree, so he had a taste of both programs. “You get that hands-on experience in the college program, as opposed to the lecture-style learning from the university program.” For Antonio Notarbartolo, the Computer Programmer Analyst program gave him the tools he needed to get hired at Tbaytel’s then-new Internet tech support department in 2002. Since then, he has climbed the ladder to become Supervisor of Core Services at Tbaytel.

“My goal from the start was to be a manager in a technical department, and those project management classes and projects helped develop the skills that got me to where I am today,” he said.

Warren and Agnes also found that Tbaytel is an employer that provides opportunity to work up through the ranks. “I started part-time at the Tbaytel retail store gaining experience while I finished my academic studies,” Warren said. Agnes first worked part-time in Tbaytel’s Customer Care Department. “Tbaytel is a great company to work for, providing opportunity to grow within the organization. It’s been a true asset having started in Customer Care and then bringing the knowledge and insights I learned while serving our customers into my present position in the Advertising department.”

Agnes and Antonio met in high school and dated throughout their time at Confederation College – they’ve been married for 12 years now. They were both hired at Tbaytel in 2002 within a couple of months of each other. “I love Thunder Bay, I wanted to stay here for school and get a good job after graduating that would allow me to build a family here,” Antonio said. “Confederation College and Tbaytel gave us that opportunity.”

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Our Alumni Program is designed to make our graduates always feel connected and welcome at Confederation College, even after their student days are over. Events are one way. Events are in the works and you can read about them in future editions of this new quarterly newsletter.

photo of alumni pinAnother way is by wearing an Alumni Pin. During the past year, we’ve been giving them to alumni at the President’s Breakfast, company coffee break events, and other alumni gatherings. The card attached says it all – we hope you wear this pin with pride and stay connected to Confederation College.

That sums up what “alumni” means to me: the pride and the awareness of belonging to something bigger. The Alumni Pin is a nice reminder of that. If you haven’t gotten yours already, contact me and I’ll update your information and send you out your own personal Alumni Pin.

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